World Bank Group (WBG), UNESCO Institute of Higher Education for Latin America and the Caribbean (IESALC), Gates Foundation and Facebook Corporation

Critical thinking is based on the praxis anchored in the territories , the systematic study of reality, the analysis of data, narratives and imaginaries. According to the world-system framework , doing critical pedagogies adds the need to study the link between large corporations, development banks, multilateral organizations and philanthropy with education.

This is particularly relevant in the context of recent decades tensions, resulting from the national educational disinvestment in key areas such as teacher working conditions, infrastructure, endowments and social programs for students, to which is added standardization systems of educational goals marked by suparanational definitions .

At no other time in history was so decisive explicit international pressure on the national in educational matters. The normalization and standardization of educational policies is produced through consensus induced by post-cold war multilateralism, formulation of minimum and maximum coordinates established by the G-7, international monetary fund and development banks, strengthened through the corporatization of the educational agenda and philanthropic financing of multinationals conditioned by market priorities.

Despite the multiple evidences in this regard , unfortunately many of the discourses of educational resistance do not immerse themselves in this spider web, which leads to the emptying of the narratives of resistance , to the fragility of the arguments and serious limitations to foresee.

The great obstacle to the work of this observatory is the precarious transparency in the budgetary and financial information of some instances of multilateralism. In the 21st century, transparency is an imperative to rebuild the democratic culture and the active role of citizens. However, the work will be done with the information that is available, without leaving at every opportunity to underline the need to improve transparency.

 For the work that we begin with this report, we are eager to  call on  more voices to join the work we do, with the understanding that the work that we begin strategically is sustainable with an alternative social structure.

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